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Re: Broken coolant return line repair

> A pox on plastic radiator end caps!  My coolant return line (from the
> radiator to the reservoir) broke at the radiator end.  Does anyone have a
> simple repair that doesn't involve replacing the entire end cap?  So far
> my quick setting epoxy hasn't held.  I was going to try JB Weld next.

I've had some success using brass fittings available from my local hardware
store.  I cut off the rest of the broken fitting, drill out the hole to the
proper size and cut threads using the appropriate NPT tap.  I usually smear
some JB Weld around the fitting after I've screwed it into place, just as a
precaution ... I've done this three times now (twice on the vent line, once
on the bigger line) and none of these kludges have ever failed.
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