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Re: the truth about temperature senders

   >There seems to be some confusion on the topic of temperature senders.
   There are 3 on the urQ.  The sender on the left side of the engine feeds
   the ECU.  A dual sender on the right rear of the engine feeds high temp and
   low temp idiot lights.  A thermotime switch on the left rear of the engine
   feeds the cold start injector (I think).  Unfortunately, none of them feed
   a gauge so mine will soon have a 4th sender in a tee.

I'm not sure how well a "Tee" would work here, since you want a nice
coolant (heatant?) flow across the temperature sensor.

There is a trivial solution...get the water outlet fitting from a later-
model turbo 5 (maybe any later 5, dunno all nuances and variation here),
and replace the plain-jane vanilla one on your UrQ. The one I acquired
(lying around at mechanics junk pile) has *four* total taps on it. The
one on top of the outlet fitting "just happens to fit" your typical VDO
(etc.) temperature sensor probe... (as does the one on rear-facing side)
and it all just bolts right in place, almost as if it were designed to!

>From there, it's just a step or two away from installing a water-cooled
"S4"/"RS2"/whatever turbo to help your motor generate enough heat to
keep the newly-installed temp guage entertained . . .