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Re: the truth about temperature senders

> There are 3 on the urQ.  The sender on the left side of the engine feeds
> the ECU.  A dual sender on the right rear of the engine feeds high temp and
> low temp idiot lights.  A thermotime switch on the left rear of the engine
> feeds the cold start injector (I think).  Unfortunately, none of them feed
> a gauge so mine will soon have a 4th sender in a tee.

Actually, there are five on the UrQ.  You're forgetting the fan low temp
thermo switch on the bottom of the radiator, and the fan high temp thermo
switch plummed into drain of the coolant overflow tank.  How do I know
this?  I just recently had to figure it all out so I could put the head
back on install the killer humongo fan out of the 5000.  I don't think 
there's much chance she'll overheat anymore :-).

                                                         Dan Bocek