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Headrests and S6 steering wheel.

>Those solid head restraints, while promoting a definite sense of
>security, were quite prominent in the rearview mirror.  Do they
>obstruct the necessary view out the back, or will I have no problem
>with this feature after the first 50 miles?

My fiancee and I both find them obstructive for daily driving.  Fortunately,
they snap in/out easily, so they normally stay in the trunk unless we have
back seat passengers.

Question:  I just saw a new S6 wagon ... the car I REALLY wanted but couldn't
afford so bought a A6-Q instead.... and nearly had a sexual experience gazing
on the new steering wheel/airbag.  Wow.  If you haven't seen it, go find one.
 Gorgeous three-spoke design with the Audio symbol across the hub.  So...
does anyone know if these will transplant into an ordinary (if that word can
be used with ANYTHING Audi makes) A6?  Price?

By the way, somewhere during the move to DC from Dallas I lost the infrared
transmitter key for the A6 security system.  Replacement was "only" $130 from
the dealer.  AARGH!

- Doc Dreher