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RE: Rain-X for headlights?

Hi Chris,

	I've used Rain-X on headlights in other cars I've owned with no ill
effects. I have to admit that in the 3 years I've owned my Audi I have not 
Rain-X'd any part of it. Rain-X really works, but I've found it must be 
re-applied every 2-3 weeks or it is worse than no Rain-X, and running wipers
on it to clean off dirt will ruin the effect quicker than letting sit for
2-3 weeks. When it goes bad just driving under a street light can cause a 
windshield "white-out" for an instant. And once you start using it you have
to continue because it is next to impossible to get the residue off the glass.
I will say this: when the Rain-X works it is amazing!! But the 5 months of
the year when it is really cold here is no time to be out rubbing alcohol
based products onto cold glass; it's rough on the ol' hands. But I digress.