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RE: Rain-X for headlights?

> I will say this: when the Rain-X works it is amazing!! But the 5 months of
> the year when it is really cold here is no time to be out rubbing alcohol
> based products onto cold glass; it's rough on the ol' hands. But I digress.

Donno about you but I found it is almost impossible to have the Rain-X 
"stick" when applied in cold weather (I think the cutoff point is around 
55 degrees -- my guess). In cold weather, I normally turn the heater to 
blast the windshield to get it warm by the time I got home. I then 
quickly wash the windshield and then apply.

As for Rain-X on headlights, although I didn't see dramatic effects, I 
found Rain-X applied headlights are a lot easier to clean (just use damp 
cloth). I also use it on side-view mirros, which had better effect that I 
can see than the headlights.

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