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Re: Water temp saga continues... Sort o

>Clearly you haven't been making enough $acrifices to the Audi Gods . . .
>By-the-by, dunno if this would work for your car, on mine, turning the
>A/C on forces the radiator fan into hurricane mode -- whether or not the
>compressor is currently engaged (i.e., A/C on minimal will force rad fan
>on high full time, and compressor on maybe 10% duty cycle ==> mucho
>cooling for the radiator).

I've been holding out ;-)... Trying not $pend needle$$ly.  I think the car 
i$ on to me.  It keep$ tea$ing me with bout$ of great performance, followed 
by $tint$ of fru$tration, a$ it beg$ to be fed with the ea$ily $oaring green 

I did notice the fan relay in the supplements, and tried it out.  shur nuff.