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FS: (Seattle Area) '76 100LS

Hi Y'all,

I know (from trying to discuss this thing here) that a 76 100LS is a bit 
out of the scope of this list, but here goes anyway:

For sale:  A chance to prove my brother-in-law and his friends wrong.
            They said an Audi would never be worth resurrecting from 
            the hell of flaky electrics, underpowered engines, and 
            old FI designs. Thus, they sold to me this '76 100LS.

           With a rebuilt (by a pro) head & valve job, new starter,
            and a soon-to-be-patched-together exhaust system, this
            baby blue, almost perfectly straight, nice interiored,
            well cared for Audi needs an owner with more time to do
            the following:

           -brake pads & turn the (inboard) rotors
           -replace the power steering crank pulley
           -figure out why, with new starter, battery, and some wiring,
            it still cranks sluggishly
           -tune 'er up.

           For this opportunity, I am asking $500. I would love to see 
            someone get this car running. Actually, I'd love to see
            myself do it, but I don't have time.

Anyway, thanks for letting me bend your ears (eyes?). I apologize in advance
to all those for whom this is not a real Audi, but many of you offered 
encouragement when I bought this car a year ago. Thanks.

Miklin Halstead
(206) 363-4473

69 VW Beetle
76 Audi 100LS (For Sale)
87 VW Golf GL