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Re: Audi's Cure for the Ignition wired/not wired radio

> i bet it will be almost impossible to find someone who knows how to do 
> this, but i will file it for future reference.
> > >what i would like to see is a radio that worked the way the one in my 82 
> > porsche 924 worked.  this was before antennas in the windshield, but all 
> > you had to do was touch the key to the ignition (not even push it all the 
> > way in or turn it) and the power antenna would go up and the radio come 
> > on.  i've asked a couple of mechanics how this was done and they never 
> > could give a good explaination.<

;Audis and VWs have switches inside the ignition that detect
;when a key is inserted. They use it to do things like: ring that
;stupid bell when you open the door, turn on interior lights when
;you remove the key, and (even) power the radio on some VWs.
;If you look through a Bentley, you should see a small power bus
;that is "on when key inserted". It won't handle much load, so you
;may need a relay to drive a stereo.

That's funny.  I modified the power to my radio in my old 4000 this way 
because I thought it was cool how my dad's 944 did it.  You are right.  
There is a switch in the key assembly that puts 12V on one of the wires when 
the key is inserted.  You'll need a bentley manual to find the right one, or 
you could just test each one with a voltmeter.  I had a 50W radio and it 
worked just fine (amperage wise).

Plus, I cut the wire to the buzzer...two improvements in one.

 - Mitch