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Air leaks?

Hi Y'all,

My '89 200TQ has recently developed a (small?) problem with rough running 
under boost.  I have checked several things (not all of the ones) 
suggested by Scott.  

Now it has started idling funny (strangely, not ha ha).  From highway speeds 
coming to a stop the rpms drop to about 1500 then fall to about 400-450 
then rise back up to 850-900 then surge up to about 1200 then drop back 
to about 850-900 again.  Then it seems to idle normally when warm.  

This morning I went out to sweep/scrape snow/ice and started the engine 
to allow it to warm up.  It started almost instantly.  Then it idled  
more or less as described above - kind of "seeking" up and down and died 
while I was scraping the windows.  It would not restart right then.  It did 
restart in a few minutes and ran just fine for the 30 miles to work.

I suspect a leaky hose somewhere may be the culprit for everything.  Any 
suggestions about specific places to look?  I really would rather not 
have to spend an hour or two under the hood with no garage and the weather 
the way it is.  :-)  Six inches of snow and pretty high winds producing 
wind-chill and drifts.  Not much fun to be out in unless you're really 
prepared for it.

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