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ET Set me off

>Dan Bocek asks about ET

Yo!  The ET is the distance between the hub and the centerline of the
wheel......  So a 6" wheel with a 35mm offset means that the hub is 1.38
inches from the centerline of the wheel......  To go to a 7in rim with  the
same offset, means that you added a 1/2" to either side of the rim, no
centerline change or offset change.....  If you got a 45mm offset after the
change to a 7" wheel, then you have added 15.4mm to the outside edge of the
rim and 10mm to the inside to gain that inch (1"=25.4mm) relative to the hub,
more specifically, if you have a 7" wheel with a 60.4mm offset, your inside
rim is exactly where it is with the 6" wheel and you have added 1" to the
fender side of the rim......  Make sense?.....  Go to a 8" wheel with a 35mm
offset you added 1 inch to either side of the rim (don't think you can do
it)......   So, you can not always add inches to both sides of centerline to
maintain the stock offset or you will hit the spring, tie rods etc.....  The
easiest way to go is toward the fender, that's why most wider wheel apps for
our cars have a greater offset......  To maintain the rim position on the
inside and push the "rim" inches out toward the fender.....