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Re: fuel pump

In a message dated 95-11-15 09:15:04 EST, you write:

>There seems to be a loud hummmmmmm comming from the trunk/gas tank area 
>of my 88 5000q. I suspected it was the fuel pump and had it checked out 
>by my local mechanic. He said that the pressure was ok,although I should 
>get it replace as when they go i come to a dead stop. Given the high price 
> for this item plus labor to put it in, would buying a used one from 
>a junk yard make any sense?

You take your chances getting a used one........  I think Carlsen had the
"old" pump for 160 or so.....  And if you read the install procedure, you
only want your hand in that tank once.....  You should do it asap, when it
goes, you can send schrapnel to the fuel distributor, and that is not pretty