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Re: fuel pump

   There seems to be a loud hummmmmmm comming from the trunk/gas tank area 
   of my 88 5000q. I suspected it was the fuel pump and had it checked out 
   by my local mechanic. He said that the pressure was ok,although I should 
   get it replace as when they go i come to a dead stop. Given the high price 
    for this item plus labor to put it in, would buying a used one from 
   a junk yard make any sense?

Replacing a used/worn-out park with a used/worn-out/unknown-history part
has always struck me as penny-wise/pound-foolish (obvious exceptions do
exist: friend rolls/totals his car, sells you brand-new-only-500-miles
pump for half price, etc.). Especially such a both critical- and trouble-
prone part as the fuel pump. Would you put a used/unknown-history clutch
in your car? Would you rebuild the engine with used pistons and rings?
Especially considering the labor costs (amortizing of labor over shorter
lifetime of used/questionable parts)!

Non-wear items like window-glass, suspension arms, fenders and sunroofs,
etc. are different...as quick examination can usually tell a good piece
from total trash, bent out of shape, etc.

My opinion...