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Re: Air Force Cappytannnn

In a message dated 95-11-15 10:36:38 EST, you write:

>Yes, I did try the "pull the dipstick test".  The engine died.  Not quite 
>like turning off the ignition, but pretty quickly.

So, you have either a bad stabilizer valve (the little can at the back-top of
the intake with two hoses out of it and a 2 pin electrical connector......
 Or, more likey a leak.....  A good cold (as in climate) test is to get the
staring fluid and spray the hoses on the pcv tract.....  That would be the T
at the top of the valve cover (and that cracks on the bottom where you can't
see it), there is a metal hose from that t to the block (and another hose
where it connects to the block......  Also, the bottom of the IC to T-body
hose cracks too, pull it off and bend it around looking for leaks.......
 It's definitely an air prollum, cuz a "normal" car will compensate for the
loss of vacuum by increasing the Duty Cycle to the ISV......  It should
stumble then recover.....  So your prollum is an easy one, my bet is either
the t-body hose or the t at the top of the valve cover....  I went thru the
ISV procedure earlier, but I suspect it is not this cuz your idle would be in
the 1500 range......


Stay warm......  Hey I gots to do a clutch and brakes in this......
>Where is the idle stabizer valve?  I assume that once I know which piece 
>it is I can figure out how to remove and replace it.  If it doesn't 
>require tools I could do it now while I'm where I have ready access to a 
>variety of laboratory solvents.