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Re: Timing belt for '90 80 quattro

     I may be wrong, but unlike other cars I have owned, I don't believe Audi 
     has a recommended mileage in the service manual/owners manual.  I have an 
     '89 80Q and replaced mine this past summer at around 53k and at that 
     mileage it was starting to show cracks and would probably have been able to 
     go another 20K, but who knows.  Typically the recommended interval is 60K.

        Pat s.

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Subject: Timing belt for '90 80 quattro
Author:  mtuason@bio.ri.ccf.org (Mike Tuason) at INTERNET
Date:    11/8/95 1:12 PM

I bought a used '90 80 quattro, but don't have any manuals.  My 
car has 89,000 miles and I don't think that the timing belt has 
been changed.  Does anyone know at what miliage this should be