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Re[2]: Rear Lights

     Well, since no one ever signals, anymore, to merge into another lane, the 
     flashing lights MUST be brakelights!?

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Subject: Re: Rear Lights
Author:  "Psychos 'R Us" <honge@creighton.edu> at INTERNET
Date:    11/14/95 4:11 PM

> Personally, I hate the all red lights - looks like the junk coming out of 
> Detroit.  Of course, making the blinker yellow helps.  The rear lights 
> and reflector are, without question, the ugliest thing on the RS2.  (Of 
> course, I'm kinda partial to my Quantum sedan tail lights - red, yellow, 
> and white).  
I feel all the car makers should stick to yellow/amber color for turning 
lights. I mean how in the world does one distinguish between someone 
going wild on the brakes from someone who is going to cut into your 
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