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Timing belt on '90 80Q

On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Mike Tuason wrote:                                        
> I bought a used '90 80 quattro, but don't have any manuals.  My             
> car has 89,000 miles and I don't think that the timing belt has             
> been changed.  Does anyone know at what miliage this should be              
> changed?                                                                    

One Audi dealer said 90k.  I did mine on the '87 5kt at 75k and immediately 
did it on the '88 5k I bought this summer with 86k.  My logic is for a 7-8 yr 
old car, mileage is irrelevant, since it's only rubber and will start cracking
and break just like a drivebelt.  So it's cheap insurance to go ahead and 
change it.  It's not too difficult to do it yourself, it'll take about 5-6 
hours the first time.  See the archives for a detailed procedure I wrote up 
back in August (for 5k model but most of it should apply to other cars - see 
Haynes/Bentley for any different procedures). 

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