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RE: Timing belt

You wrote:
>	While we're on this timing belt thread does anyone know if the low
>compression pistons and the stock cam grind on the turbo'd engines is such 
>thatif a belt does break or is thrown off the pistons and valves won't come
>together? Some turbo'd cars, because of their low initial compression, can 
>losetheir timing belts and just coast to an embarrassing stop, others can be 
>to valves, pistons, heads or, worst case scenario, whole block gets written
>off. Which catagory do our turbo'd 5 cylinders fall into???!!!

Hi Shef:

I thought the 5kt engine was NOT freewheeling i.e. major damage likely but 
according to the attached list, there's no recommended change interval and 
engine damage is not possible. Famous last words..yer take yer chances...
The P-951 requires timing/bal shaft belts every 30-45k.  Ouch!

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------------- Attached Message Follows -------------

               Freewheeling Engine FAQ    version 93.05.01
               maintained by dave.williams@chaos.lrk.ar.us

The original basis of this list was a transcript from Motor magazine,
August 1991, p. 22, posted by Tom Leone. <tgl@slee01.srl.ford.com>

Corrections by Tommy Wilson of Gwatney Chevrolet/GEO.

Manufacturer    Engine                  Recommended     Engine
                Applications (1)        Change          Damage
                                        Interval        Possible?

Acura           All 1986-89             None            Yes
                All 1990                90,000(2)       Yes

Alfa-Romeo      1987-89 Milano          None            Yes
                164                     50,000          Yes

Audi            V8                      90,000(3)       Yes
                Diesel                  None            Yes
                All others              None            No

BMW             2.5, 2.7L               60,000          Yes

Chrysler Corp.  All Chrysler-built      None            No(4)
                All Mitsubishi-built    60,000(5)       Yes
                Medallion 2.2L          None            Yes

Daihatsu        1.0L 3-cyl.             60,000          Yes
                1.3L 4-cyl.             60,000          Yes
                1.6L 4-cyl.             120,000(6)      Yes

Ford            Escort 1.6L to '83      60,000          Yes
                Escort 1.6L '83-1/2 up  60,000          No
                Escort 1.9L             None            No
                Mazda-built 2.0L diesel 100,000(7)      Yes
                Mazda-built 2.2L        60,000          Yes
                All 2.3L Pinto/Must/etc 60,000          No
                Ranger 2.0L             60,000          No
                '70-'74 Pinto 2000      None            No

General Motors  Chevy Spectrum          60,000          ___
                Chevy Cavalier
                Olds Quad4

Geo             Prizm                   60,000          ___

Honda           All Prelude             60,000          Yes
                Civic, 1.5, 1.6, & HF   60,000          Yes
                1985-89 exc. Civic      None            Yes
                All 1990                90,000(2)       Yes
                '82-'88 Accord          50,000          Yes
                '89-'93 Accord          80,000(13)      50/50 chance
Hyundai         All                     60,000          Yes

Infiniti        All                     60,000          Yes

Isuzu           All                     60,000          Yes
Lexus           All                     60,000          No
Maserati        V6                      30,000          Yes
Mazda           All exc. diesel         60,000          Yes
                Diesel (1984-85)        100,000(7)      Yes
Mitsubishi      All exc. diesel         60,000(5)       Yes
                Diesel                  60,000(7)       Yes
Nissan          most pre-1986           None            Yes
                all 1.6L                60,000          ___
                1986 and later          60,000(8)       Yes
Peugeot         1.9L                    None            No
                2.2L                    None            Yes
Porsche         All 4-cyl.              45,000(9)       Yes
                V8                      60,000(9)       Yes
Sterling        All                     None            Yes
Subaru          All                     60,000          No
Suzuki          All                     None            No
Toyota          All                     60,000(10)      No
Volkswagen      All                     None            Yes(11)
Volvo           Pre-1986 gasoline       40,000          Yes
                1986 and later gas      50,000(5)       Yes
                1986 and later gas      50,000(5)       Yes
                All diesels             75,000(7)       Yes
Yugo            1.1L                    None(12)        Yes
                1.3L                    None(12)        No
(1)  "All" refers to all engines equipped with timing belts for
     each maker; does not apply to engines with timing chains.
(2)  Or 72 months.
(3)  Inspect and adjust at 30,000 and 60,000 miles.
(4)  2.2L Turbo III, yes.
(5)  Some engines have two belts.
(6)  Or 144 months, whichever comes first.
(7)  Has front and rear belts.
(8)  Or 48 months; inspect at 15,000 miles or 12 months.
(9)  Check tension at 2000 miles, then every 15,000 miles.
(10) Inspect at 30,000 or 45,000 miles per model.
(11) At high engine speed.
(12) Inspect every 15,000 miles.  Engine service schedule
     ends at 50,000 miles.
(13) Depending on cam position when the engine stops, the engine
     may escape damage, as opposed to most others, which are always
     damaged. (tw)
"Although some manufacturers do not specify a belt replacement, it's
 a good idea to plan for one at the 50 to 60 thousand mile mark."
- Tommy Wilson