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Mo' Tire Stuff

Just my $0.02:
BFG Comp T/A HR4 - 1st set lasted 45k on my 5kt with hard driving, liked them 
so much got 2nd set in 215/60R15; great all-around tire, got me through the 
worse winter in the NE in '92-93 driving thru up to 6" snow, good in dry, 
fairly quiet.  BFG has $5/$15/$25 rebate per tire for 15"/16"/17" if purchased
between 4/1/95 - 12/15/95.  Call 1-800-RACE-BFG to become a Team T/A member 
and get rebate form.  I bought mine back in April on sale locally and will get
a $20 rebate now.

D40/M2 - have ZR version on other car (944T) - great in dry, great in rain, 
dunno about snow (not M&S rated), car stays home in winter. (rears are bald 
from autox and still grip w/o any slipping when I got caught in rain a few 

D60s are a 'touring' tire and would be better suited for all-season use 
similar to Eagle GA which is not worth the price, IMHO.  Consumer Reports 
liked them if you value their opinions.

Michelin Sport XGT-V (came on 911) - good in dry/rain, no snow.  Don't really 
like Michelin from past experience w. MXXs, stuck w. them for the street (R1s 
for the track).

For your wife's use, the GAs should be fine.  That'll give you a reason to get
some real tires for the V8  :)

Steve Jagernauth			'74 911/3.0l Bahama Blue 
sjagernauth@attmail.com   		'87 951 Pearl Black (leaving soon)
(908) 658-8289 Work	  		'87 Audi 5KCST & '88 Audi 5Ks