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Re: quattro mods

> You are going to have to replace the 
>stock head bolts with the head STUD conversion from Raceware (or 
>comparable company). The reason is that the stock ones are designed to 
>stretch when you torque them down and when you start exceeding 15psi 
>(approx.) they stretch even more! Now, unless you have a lot of spare 
>time and a stack of head gaskets, I suggest replacing them. These little 
>numbers run about 150 U.S. dollars and you don't even have to remove the 
>head to put them in (I am assuming that your head is already off though). 

Hmmmm Scott and I have no problems with the head bolts.... Intercoolers 
yes, Headbolts No.

> I've got news for you 
>though, I'm only doing one gear chance to 60mph and I do it at about 
>45mph (of course I'm reving my motor to 6500rpm).

Really,...... In my car I have to shift to third to get 60.  Scott?

>According to John at Sport Wheels, In Glenwood Springs Colorado, 
>Willwood is the only aftermarket company that is willing to make a direct 
>bolt on system for the Quattro. This system includes huge 13in. rotors 
>and gigantic 4 piston calipers. This kind of setup is what is being used 
>by a lot of racers in america's Trans Am series and I feel is overkill 
>for the 4,500 dollar price tag it has attached to it! You could always 
>try AudiSport, but I promise it will cost a bundle. I don't even know 
>what they offer, if anything.

$4,500 eh?  Sport wheels is making some big buck there.... NJT  That BTW 
is not the only source, More info will be forthcomming.  Yes Scott it's 
finally good news!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com