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Timing belt Changes

Re two posts on timing belt replacement in #554. My 5KT broke at about 75k
with no damage but expensive tow. 84 5KS belt slipped with no damage at about
80k. Audi dealer here (Seattle) says change the pre93 V8Q at 60k and 93 V8 at
90k. I had the dealer change my 90 V8 at 62k (thanks, fellow listmembers, who
convinced me to have it done by a dealer) and very happy I did. It was more
than ready. At 87 bucks an exhaust valve plus high probability of other
damage the price of a new belt and installation  wouldn't pay the tax on a
double head rebuild. The dealer is confident V8Q belts will go at least 75k,
but then he gets to rebuild two heads...after watching the V8 belt change I
would not do it myself without special tools, but the 5k was a pretty routine
four  hours. After over 500,000 miles in my various Audimobiles I'd change
the 5K no later than about 75k miles just to be sure, and 90 V8 at 60k just
to be damned sure. 
Les <llampman@whidbey.net>