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Re: Gateway Speedway with the M-boys -- LONG

 Eric Fletcher (STEADIRIC@aol.com) sez:
 >Change ALL the fluids.  Oil, Gearbox, Diff (Front and Rear) Coolant and 
 >Most importantly Brake Fluid, try getting a high temp brake fluid like 
 >the BMW stuff, ATE super blue, Motule, etc.
 >Tires that have resonable tread.  Full tread depth tires should be 
 >avoided.... (Unless your "Renting" tires)  For a novice I do NOT suggest 
 >race compound tires.  Z rated yes, race compound no.
 >New airfilter or clean your K&N
 >Make sure that all of your suspension members are in good condition.  
 >Check ALL your bushing's, rod ends, sub-frame mounts etc.
 >Check your CV boots
 >Are your shock's and struts good??  (Hint, Hint...)
 >BRAKES!!!  Cool Carbons are a must if you plan do do anything more than 3 
 >laps.  Crossdrilled rotors are VERY nice, Gas slots are good too.  Your 
 >rotors and pads should be almost new.... Like a few weeks old at most.  
 >Brake ducts are also suggested.
 >You might want to ease back on the boost a touch.
 >That should do it for now.  Anything that I missed Scott?
Couple of other safety items come to mind:
- New fire extinguisher securely stored inside the cockpit or trunk
- Check both driver and passinger-side seat-belt latches and centrifugal 
  locking mechanism.

Also, isn't it mandatory to wear a helmet at most of these events?

Ljubisa Stevanovic
'88 5ktq