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Wierd start problems.

       Hey fellow Q-heads,

          Last week I got in my car to go to a meeting, started it up (it start
ed just fine....no problems there), drove to the place, got out, went to the me
eting.  When the meeting was over, I got back in the car and tried to start it,
with no luck.  The car kept turning over, but wouldn't start.  I have never had
 a problem with the car starting before (it's been hard to start before, but it
 always did start) and I knew the battery was OK.  I kept saying to myself, "No
, this can't be happening....it maybee it's just being difficult."  So I contin
ued to try and crank it, but it still wasn't starting.  When I finally came to
the realzation that it wasn't going to start, I got out and tried to figure out
 how I was going to get it started.  Oh BTW, it was at night in a dark parking
lot, and it was rainy and cold.

        At first I tried to push the car on flat pavement.  This isn't easy, es
pecially with the problem of trying to steer it to.  I was trying to get it out
 so I could roll it downhill and kinda roll/push start it.  Luckly a security g
uard saw me and offered to give me a hand.  Then when I got the car facing down
hill (luckly the parking lot was moderately sloped), I told him I could get it
from there.  I then hopped in and put it into second gear and tried to pop it o
ut and get it started.  It wouldn't start in second, so I put it down into 1st
and poped it out.  It fired right up.  I then put it in neutral and reved the e
ngine for a minute before driving home.

      Well, I was puzzled at why it did this.  And, it's been doing this.  It h
appened three more times since then (every time I've driven it since then).  It
 will start up fine when the engine is cold, but won't start up at all when it'
s warm (i.e. within a few hours of me driving it).  I am completely puzzled, an
d can't figure out what the problem is.  I'm also getting sick of pushing my ca
r everywhere.  It's kind of embarrasing to be pushing you Audi :-(

     Well, I was just wondering if any of you had any simmilar experiences and
figured out what the problem was.  Or, if any of you techno-wizzards just happe
n to know what the problem is, or might be.  I would appreciate any information
or reccomendations.  TIA.