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Re: VW + Audi

In a message dated 95-11-12 13:03:48 EST, you write:

>	This will upgrade the Volkswagen or degrade the Audi ???

Well, I would say upgrade the Volkswagen for sure...

People will be saying (just like they do with the Ford Crown Victoria/Grand
Marquis and the Lincoln Town Car), "Well, the Passat has the same drivetrain
etc... why should I pay XXX more $$ for an Audi?" Audi may, as a result, lose
some of its prestige, which it is desperately trying to regain here in the
U.S. (Didn't someone else post here that Audi has no direction!!!?? That they
have no clear purpose!!??)

>From a mfg. viewpoint (as well as financial), it is probably a sound
decision. But from a marketing viewpoint (ie how will the public take it?),
it is risky.

Well, just think... Mercedes and Chrysler were thinking of getting together.
THAT is much worse I suppose...

Great for Chrysler... BAD...VERY BAD... for Mercedes. (Mercedes...DON"T DO

(Just my $.02)

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