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Re: crash test

In a message dated 95-11-12 12:53:48 EST, you write:

>	Big magazine in Germany did two crash test ,first the new
>	MB E320 ; every part of the body got low injury
>	they said "if the dummies were human,they can open the door
>	and walk away from the car themself.
>	Audi A8 ; upper part low injury
>		  middle part medium injury
>		  lower part low injury
>   	    E320 has much less body decelerations than A8,all the electric
>	windows and sunroof on E320 still working after the crash.
>			Is this because that Aluminum spaceframe ?

Just FYI... Here in the U.S., the new A6 was crash tested and scored 5 stars,
the overall highest score possible, and very rare indeed to obtain. This is
perhaps the safest car in America (ie NOT Volvo!)? My '92 100S is pretty much
the same car... except I only have a driver's side airbag. So, it probably
wouldn't score the same 5 stars... maybe 4? Does anyone know if they made any
drastic changes re: safety between '92 and the new A6?


                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S
      Titanium Grey/Black Leather

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