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Re: 4k wheel bearings...

Jeffrey asks:
I give up: For almost a week, I've (unsuccessfully) tried to pull the inner
bearing race off of the spindle using various gear pullers ... none of them
have worked.  They all slip out of the little notches before the race moves
and even using a giant C-clamp to hold the arms in place hasn't worked.

At this point, the only practical alternative I can see is cutting them off
with a die-grinder but I'm concerned about nicking the spindles ... putting
them in a lathe to cut them off isn't an option nor is buying a new pair of

Anyone have a better idea?

Yep. Get a bearing separator. It's basically two semi-circular
halves, each with a sharp edge that gets placed under the rim
of the bearing race. You bolt it in place and then either use
a puller on it, or set it in a press. Look for one in a 4 or 5
inch size. OTC makes really nice ones for reasonable money, or
if you're rich and desperate, call your local Snap-On rep.

Too bad you're not in the Wash DC area - I've got a separator/
press combo that makes quick work of those suckers....

Eric T.     '86 5kS