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Re: Need Help

Robert says:
I moved here back in March, so this is my first winter.  I would expect water
vapor for a while here because of the temps but even after she's good and hot??
The car performs great so I'm not too concerned at this point.  I hope it is
just water vapor.

Water is one of the primary products of combustion, and is there
just as much in the summer as it is in the winter. It's visible
in the winter because it condenses when the exhaust gas hits the
cold ambient air.

Exhaust system temp doesn't have much to do with it. In fact, there
will be more water in the exhaust gas when the exhaust system
is hot, becuase less of it will condense out on the metal before
leaving the tailpipe. Whether you *see* more depends on how cold
the ambient air is and how fast the exhaust gas dissipates.

Eric T.    '86 5kS