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Re: Crating vr6's

In a message dated 95-11-13 17:32:34 EST, you write:

>drivetrain inertia, transmission lossiness (for slush) all play a part
>in determining performance.  to say that everything else doesn't matter
>and that only the engine is the sole determinant is just plain wrong.

 - How 'bout, wrong engine for the performance variables above - example:
audi increase displacement on V8, wrong first time, and that's the wrong
engine dynamics, eliot, there was no, "hey let's change the gear ratio to
cover it up......"

Don't agree at all, the engine should complement the chassis, and should do
so regardless of inertia, transmission, flywheel weight (my car), etc..  The
engine makes those variables either obvious or "nice engine", certainly there
are plenty of "uneducated" people that can complain in real terms, where the
weak link of their car is........  There are good engines and bad engines,
they can be rated on their torque and hp curves, then tested in a variety of
chassis.....  When you put the vr6 in as many chassis as vw did, the engine
starts showing its weak side.....  There have been plenty of posts here
reflecting that......  The vr6, CAR magazine aside, deserves kudos only for
it's crate dimensions, not its dynamics........  The v6 in the former SHO is
a perfect example of my argument, an engine in search of a chassis (and a
tranmission)......  And, the Grandam iron duke 150hp four, an example of the
butched side.......

>>>he corrado is dead.  it's now the golf and the jetta...  in the
>current state, the suspension is too flaccid to be a good BMW
>alternative, but i wasn't exactly thrilled by the 325i w/o sports
>suspension either... soft, americanized damping on the standard, but
>no where as bad as the current golf vr6.

agree with you here, but that's the "sport" in those of us "aware"........
 VWOA needs to wake up, grab that 4th wheel, and put the next generation of
cars smack on the nose of the public.....  BMW has taken that to
practice.....  Yea sport suspensions are fun, but the wifes taurus has a
better ride.....  OK take this, the germans said, and sold plenty of cars to
the softies......  But on the other side, they have done a stellar job of
putting the 5 series in all the right ranges....  And the bottom line is,
that if the chassis is done right, motors can be swapped with only minor (and
basic) suspension/brake upgrades.......  This is smart thinkin' and WOQ a
success story for the 90's.....  Mercedes has done this for years, just took
a while for someone to take the ball and run........  And proving that
properly done engine/drivetrain/chassis with rear wheel drive is not a
handicap, in fact, proving that maybe front wheel drive just might be (except
A4 maybe)......  These are innovations, creative ones, that make second place
distant.......  And right now audi is fighting for its share of that sloppy
seconds.......  Quattro is a great thing, hope BMW doesn't take a nother run
at it with more money..........