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RE: whither civility?

>>We ask, and expect, of others who have a vested
>>interest in their "products" to disclose such... and yes, this was a form 
>>such without disclosure. Honesty and trust is paramount to this group's
>>success. Remember, we are one big family. And family members shouldn't 
>>other family members.

I'm not really sure how to say this, but I think these put-downs on the 
list--over "selling", or suspension "ignorance", or "VR6 vs. V6"--are getting 
out of hand. 

I'm sure the authors' of the several recent examples don't realize it, but 
their victims are likely both well-intentioned (or at least unknowing) and 
ill-deserving of such brusque treatment at the hands of their peers.

Please, let's all take a moment to consider how our posts might be received 
by newbies or anyone, just as if you'd say it to their face. No one on this 
list deserves malevolence in return for eagerness, or condescension for 
naiveti. It is far better to set an example in any event, for that is how we 
all learn.

BTW--there's nothing wrong with selling (I am myself a 14 year sales veteran 
in the PC biz); it's what makes the world go 'round. Although I agree the 
list is ill-suited to open solicitation, the old aphorism about two wrongs 
not making a right still stands.

Just my $1.00's worth (inflationary equivalent of $0.02.)

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