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Re: whither civility?

In a message dated 95-11-14 18:54:58 EST, JosephAmes wrote:

>I'm not really sure how to say this, but I think these put-downs on the 
>list--over "selling", or suspension "ignorance", or "VR6 vs. V6"--are
>out of hand. 
>I'm sure the authors' of the several recent examples don't realize it, but 
>their victims are likely both well-intentioned (or at least unknowing) and 
>ill-deserving of such brusque treatment at the hands of their peers.
>Please, let's all take a moment to consider how our posts might be received 
>by newbies or anyone, just as if you'd say it to their face. No one on this 
>list deserves malevolence in return for eagerness, or condescension for 
>naiveti. It is far better to set an example in any event, for that is how we

>all learn.

Come on now, really! Do you really believe that the solicitation re: the
QCUSA was a newbie being naive? Or just being "eager"? I disagree.

And he was not "selling" in the traditional sense, because he did not make
anyone aware that he would profit from the "transaction". He went about this
in a sly manner, hoping that he would drum up enough referrals to get a free
registration. He figured that he should get his name out there first...
before anyone else.

He may have thought that nobody would notice and take exception to it. Well,
he took the chance and was wrong. People noticed, and DID take exception to

I agree with your comments re: newbies to the list. Never should anyone be
ridiculed for asking what might be construed as a "stupid" question. And
no-one should be taken to task for their opinion. After all, we all have
opinions, and there is often no right or wrong.

But, on the other hand, they SHOULD be exposed to the public criticism that
takes place when someone takes advantage of the group. There are some common
ground rules, both here on this list and in society, that are mostly dictated
by common decency and mutual respect. If such is violated, it is only right
that the individual be given some feedback. For example, if you were in a
large auditorium with several hundred Audi owners, and an individual got up
and solicited for the QCUSA for himself (with the sole intention of
personally benefitting from it), ignoring the fact that other QCUSA members
were in the crowd, would you not say something? Wouldn't this strike you as
being a bit unfair? It is often hard to visualize the on-line experience this
way... but that, I believe, is a reasonable analogy. And so... in this case,
people have chosen to speak up. And offer feedback.

After all, as you said, we are all here to learn. And sometimes it is not
just about Audis, but about "life" as well.

I'll get down off the soapbox now...  :-)

(Can we all go back to being one big happy family now?)


                    Jim Griffin
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