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Re: Freebie fun/Apology

In a message dated 95-11-15 00:56:57 EST, you write:

>Quattro list members:
>     Boy is my face RED! I feel an apology is in order regarding my QCUSA
>post.  It
>was not my intention to offend or "beat anyone to the punch" .  
>      I had just attended my first QCUSA event and was still caught up in
>The Quattro Club (regional and national) is a resource that every Audi
>enthusiast should
>know about, as is the Quattro List.  I am indeed a newbie to the List as
>as to QCUSA.
>Please do not put words in my mouth or assume you know my motives.
>     I am looking forward to participating as fully as possible in the
>activities of the Quattro
>Clubs and the Quattro list.  
>                                              Mike Loeks


Apology accepted. And if there was a misinterpretation of your motives, I am
sorry. But please try to understand that any criticism by the group was based
upon the coincidence of your requesting your name be used, at a time when the
QCUSA had just sent out their quarterly, explaining the membership drive. Ya
gotta admit, if not anything else, it was incredibly coincidental. So,
whether the criticism was justified or not, please understand that it was
based upon other people's PERCEPTION of the truth. 

I often say that "Perception is stronger than reality". And therefore, each
individual's interpretation of a situation shapes their specific response.
Essentially, how that individual reacts is based upon how he/she perceives it
to be, regardless of the "truth".
So, if there was a misinterpretation of your motives, it was based upon the
perception of the coincidental circumstances. [Jeeesh, is this getting too
"deep" or what? I'll stop now.... OK, there....Philosophy 101 has now
ended.... :-)  ]

Well, anyhow, welcome to the quattro list, and welcome to the QCUSA!! I also
recently joined both... and like you, look forward to them greatly in the

Good luck (on the membership drive) and.... "see ya' around!!"


                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S
      Titanium Grey/Black Leather

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