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Re: Trans Fluid ? - Redline??

  Mike, I've had great luck with AMSOIL on my first Audi, and on earlier cars
I've owned. I've ran synthetics on every car I've had since '82.  AMSOIL is
pricey, but from what I've heard they are definitely cheaper than Redline
($5.00 a qt for oil, $9.00-$12.00/qt for lube for Amsoil last time I
checked).  They also have synthetic grease and ATF.  AmsOil is the oldest
synth oil for cars there is (since '72), and they also make bypass oil
filtration systems (filter to 1 micron) - and have an oil analysis program to
show you what your wear products are, and when you actually need to change
your oil.  I used to be a dealer - only to get it cheaper, but quit about 4
years back.  I didn't like the multi-level marketing plan they operate under,
and when they branched out to vitamins, that was it for me!  The originator
was an ex Air Force pilot who saw the value of it in jet engines and figured
there would be an automotive market for it.  Back when Mobil 1 still couldn't
be mixed with conventional oils (I think I'm dating myself) and was the only
other synth on the market, AmsOil had licked that problem 4 years earlier.
 They are consistantly at the front of oil technology.
  I do believe they are the best synth on the market.  Pour point is -40
degrees!    When I lived in Idaho, at 15 below zero the lube drag of my 5
speed Datsun transmission in neutral (clutch out) with conventional lube was
about 125 rpm.  After switching to synthetic it was 25 rpm.  This was back in
the days before things like idle stabilizers - after switching to synth oil I
had to lower the idle by 50 rpm to bring it back down.  Once in San Diego I
blew a heater hose on the freeway in my 79 5KS (200K miles) and by the time I
realized it it would barely run - 20 minutes after it still blew water back
out after trying to pour it in.  The oil - 20W-50 Mobil 1 was like water.  No
damage, and it acted like it had more power after that - go figure.
  There is almost always a local AmsOil dealer listed in the yaller pages.
 Whichever synth oil/lube you get, you won't regret it.  I know somebody else
makes synth grease, but the name escapes me right now.  I just put Pennzoil's
new synth oil in my 5KCSTQ because it was 2.99 qt with a buck a qt rebate.
 What can I say, I've gotten frugal (read cheap) in my old age.  But I plan
on putting in synth lube in my differentials and trans as soon as I can
afford it - and it will be AmsOil.  I would really love to see someone come
out with a synthetic CV joint lube...
  If I sound a little crazed about the subj, I probably am.  The benefits so
far outweigh the cost, I find it hard to believe that people won't use
synthetics.  I only recommended to one guy not to use it - his 4X4 was
running so radical a camshaft the amount of gas washdown would wipe out his
oil every 1000 miles.  Don't get me started on the subject of Rain-X - I'll
be typing all night!!!

Dave Head, EMCM(SW)