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Thermo time switch

The thermo time switch controls the after-run feature for Turbo cooldown on
my 87 5KCSTQ (and some others).  This system is time and temp controlled (the
Bentley really has little to say about it)  it (along with a delay relay,
etc) runs the aux coolant pump and fan after shutting off the engine.  My
owners manual says it can run for up to 10 minutes.  Here is what I've found:
  All of these thermoswitches carry the same part #.  The difference is in
the letter designation at the end.
  1.  The correct part # is 035 919 369 M.  It is listed by Bosch as a Thermo
time switch, the Bosch # is 0280130037.  I paid $28.00 for mine, and it will
be here Monday - then I can provide its cycle temp.  The dealer who finally
provided the # wanted S55.00. My regular dealer couldn't locate it on his
  2.  Other part #s (not correct) are 035 919 369 S.  This switch cycles 110
- 87 degrees.  Those temps don't make sense for this application, since
coolant under pressure should be about 220+ degrees, and the relay would
probably time out before cooling all the way to 87. This switch has a white
insulator.  Another one (that's incorrect, and in my car now) is 035 919 369
B.  This switch cycles 40 - 30 (whether that's centigrade or farenheit, I'm
not sure - but if F it would explain why it only worked when the car was dead
cold), and has a red insulator.
  So when I get my switch on Monday I'll let the group know how it works - or
whether I'm chasing my tail again.