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Re: light ettiquette

Regarding the red rear fog lights in Europe.

I have found two differences in the use of rear lighting in Europe, both
of which I like.

1.  When drivers slow unexpectedly or excessively, they use their (yellow)
    hazards/flashers.  This is helpful - you know the guy in front of you
    is going slow and not just braking lightly.

I do this too, good idea.

2.  The rear fog light is really nice is heavy rain (some other southerner
    already mentioned this and in heavy snow.  In these situations, it is
    often difficult to see a car with only tail lights on.  Usually the
    rear fog light is only on one side or very low, so you can tell they
    are not brake lights.  Unfortunately, Americans have been getting them
    on European marques for the last few years and most do NOT know how to
    use them, or that the lights even exist.   Hence, I often see Volvos
    using their rear fog lights on a clear night.

Eric Schumacher
  *SO* true, 'Mericans have no clue how to use foglights/driving lights.

  Another nice Euro habit is to leave the left directional on while in the
  passing lane to warn others closing from behind at high speed that you
  are not done using the hammah lane and that they should slow. This can
  also be a good hint to hammah lane boggers (OMWH) that they should move
  the H_LL over, before you give 'em the high-beam flash.