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My thanks and bad news....

First of all, I wish to extend my thanks to all of you who have responded 
with help for the wheel shimmy in the 4KS.

Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to let you know which of you 
gave the correct answer to the $100 question.  Last Tuesday the 15 yr. 
old 4000S suffered (probably) terminal wounds at the hands (wheels?) of a 
2-ton dorF truck and full-size yvehC van.

It was almost worth it to arrive on the scene to find the officer 
scratching his head and wondering why with two crushed, mangled pieces of 
iron on his street corner, the small family-style sedan hadn't suffered 
any more than an apparent broken headlight and crumpled quarterpanel.

Upon inspection when the car was dragged home, it appears the frame has 
been bent (the two driver's side doors now have an interference problem; 
the driver's door needs to be open if you want to open the rear one.) and 
the strut tower mount doesn't look quite right.

I'm betting that due to the age of the car and the extent of her 
injuries, they will call her "totaled."

This does have the advantage of getting my roommate into the Quattro that 
she has been lusting after!  

                       1980 Audi 4000 S
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