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Re: smells like fish.....

I take my quattro to an independent dealer and he also told me that it 
isn't necessary to change the dif and trans fluid.  Huh?  I have to 
imagine that the stuff breaks down just like motor oil.  i have decided 
to change  the fluid with a synthetic, maybe Redline.
	I live in Boulder Colorado and it is dry as a bone here.  i am 
very dissappointed.  I am loosing hope in the Rocky Mountain weather.  
Have any Quattro owners tried this:  Find a slick parking lot.  Slowly 
moving make a sharp turn(full lock) and nail the gas in first gear.  When 
done correctly, the car will stay stationary and spin quite quickly.  Try 
shifting into second and nail it again, Wow even faster.  I start to feel 
sick rather quickly but it is fun.  I don't know what will happen with a 
turbo car but I have to imagine you can spin pretty fast.

Brendan Rudack 88' 90Q