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A4 Test Drive

Fellow Audians;

I JUST returned from a half-hour A4Q test drive (V6/5spd). The salesperson was 
pretty cool and did not complain once, despite the fact that I was working the 
car a bit. We got to do a little acceleration, some good braking and a fair 
amount of driving on some dry, winding, country roads.

I'm 6'6" so I found the car a bit small (headroom) on one hand, but was 
pleasantly surpised when I learned I could NOT have the seat all the way back 
and smoothly operate the clutch (my height is in my waist up, not my legs). 
The A4 is very smooth and very comfortable. The new suspension system is SWEET 
and much better than my '86 5000T, but then a decade should bring some 
improvements. I'll no doubt get some flack for this next comment, but the engine 
is sadly lacking in my favorite automotive past time - Acceleration! It moves, 
but it does not press one into the seat nor does it generate any oohs or aahs 
(I've test driven a few '91 Audi 200 TQ 20 valves lately and they nicely 
demonstrate the kind of acceleration I expect from an automobile).

Conclusion - the A4 looks good; drives great; handles well; has wonderful 
brakes; but in the final analysis, it's a great car that desperately needs a 
great engine. Hopefully, the impending 30V and some aftermarket help will solve 
this regrettable problem. Arguably, Audi should have waited to release a V6-A4 
after the 30v was ready. I just cannot imagine spending $32K (the "as tested" 
sticker price) for a car that will not make me grin from ear to ear when I stuff 
my foot on the go pedal.

Any other A4 test drivers out there and if so, what did you think?