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Re: A4 Test Drive


I drove an A4 quattro and a front drive w/ 5 speed in early Sept just as 
the cars were being introduced.  The salesman, Rob Seuss at Carousel 
Porsche-audi in Minneapolis just gave me the keys and said go have fun.  
He also pointed me to some roads where I could try out the handling, 
braking and engine.  My thoughts echo your own.  I would buy the car in a 
heartbeat if the engine has some serious low end acceleration, the clutch 
were a bit heavier and the steering not quite so light (the last two 
items are merlely personal preferences.  As you pointed out, at $32k all 
up and out the door the car is missing a key ingredient--power.  Maybe 
the V6 30 miles, maybe the 1.8T, although I really doubt it.  My '87 
4kcsq with 150,000 miles is getting a little long in the tooth and I dont 
know if I can wait much past another year to do some new wheels.  Used 
S4/S6 is apossibility but I really do not need that sized platform as my 
daily driver.

C'mon Audi, how about a limited production run perofrmance version of the 
A4Q.  you know, sort of a Q-head's version of the WMB 3M (am I supposed 
to put the M# backwards too?  Hope so.  Anyone from the Audi protocol 
police out there to help with thse type of lessons?  :)

Bill Murin