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Re: Rust Protection

IMHO after-market rust protection is a waste of time and money.

Probably going to charge you several hundred dollars for about $4.00 
worth of product.

I have not read Audi rust warranty but find out if any kind of 
after-market stuff might actually void the factory warranty.

If it is just a spray on and not the kind that opens up a body cavity and 
fills it the cavity with a spray, then I dont know how it can do much 
good.  If it is the open up a body cavity type I would bet that is a 
no-no as far as Audi honoring the warrnty is concerned.

Spray on rust proofing might marginally improve sound 
deadening--something an A4 does not need.  About the quietest car I've 
driven in a long time.  

Save the $$$ and use it to have the car washed a lot in the Winter to 
get the road salt off of it and you'll be a happy camper.

Bill Murin '87 4KCSQ