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Re: Rust Protection

> 1.  I know that my car comes with a 10 year no perforation warranty but
> should I still have my car sprayed by Krown Rust Control Systems or similar
> company to enhance the rust protection?

Those paint-on rust protection is somewhat controvercial -- some people 
say it works, some say it doesn't make a difference -- and others say it 
will actually promote tooth dec... I mean rusting. Both my Japanese sedan 
and minivan has AutoArmor on it. The sedan (little bit more than 8 yrs 
old) is beginning to rust (I noticed them when I was waxing) in the wheel 
well and the muffler. Since I always keep the cars clean, I don't know if 
the lateness of rusting is due to the car's cleaness or the rust 
protector (my car is kept in such shape that it look as good or better 
than new cars -- well, almost).

I suppose it doesn't hurt -- but are you welling to pay the price?

> 3.  Do such sprays pose any danger to the car's finish?

I'm assuming that this is for under carriage sort of thang. I will not 
spray those black, icky stuff on the car finish itself and make the car 
look like moving tar piece.