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RE: foglights

My Coupe GT has aftermarket projector fog lights.  I use them everynight
because the normal headlights suck badly.  They light up practically nothing
except refelectors within 30 feet.  The beam has a pattern that cuts off
around the top of the light pattern so as to not blind oncoming cars.  If it
does sorry,  but without 'em I can't see a thing.  Before I had them my
passengers would tell me to turn on my lights when they were already on.
 Audi had brilliance everywhere but in the lighting department!

Just my opinion:)

Jesse Almero,  Jr.
Torrance,  CA
1986 Audi Coupe GT

P.S.  If any of you were driving a red Coupe GT just like mine northbound on
the San Diego Freeway (405) today--- Stop driving around without a front
bumper!  Not only is it dangerous,  it just plain looks awful!  :)