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Audi 90 right-side harness installation?

Hello all. Am looking for some friendly advice on installing a
new (partial, right side) electrical harnes for and '88 Audi
90 (4-sylinder). I'm relatively confident that a damaged harness
(from a small battery fire several years ago) is the root of some
porblems that I've been experiencing of late.
Any tips would be appreciated. Should I start from the inside of
the car, from the computer and work out (although while I state 
this question, because of the make-up of the harness, that might be
impossible). Any suggestions to make this time-consuming effort a
little easier would be appreciated (where I might also learn from
someone else's trial & error). Thanks.

Also, on the subject of the rear fog light. I've always wondered why
Audi never wired TWO rear fog lights, rather than just the one I have
on my Audi 90. Has anyone ever simply just wired up a second? I
believe the socket for the light is in place, without any wiring.