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Need help please - 88 Audi 90 computer/harness replacement

Hello all. Within the vast resource of experience that I know is
out in Audi cyber land, I'm wondering if anyone has ever fixed a computer
related problem and can help me with my particular headache...

As mentioned above, I have an 88 90, 4 cylinder. A couple of months
ago, it began behaving, and the problem being electical in nature, I
took it to a non-dealership Audi garage. They fussed with the car for 
a couple of days, experimenting with the idle stabilizer, then 
zeroing in on the computer and the harness.

Years ago, before I owned it, the car had a small fire in the
area of the battery. The car had run just super the first
year and a half that I had it before mysterious idle fluctuations
and occasionally the engine dying.

Well, I'm commited to wrestle with the problem and beat it.
Looking at the harness on the passenger side of the car, I see that
it has alot of electrical tape covering what I suspect are singed
harness wires. Yesterday I called Shokan Parts and bought a partial
harness thinking that, by process of elimination, if the problem is
computer related, its probably a result of harness damage. Its a
cheaper solution than buying a new brain right now, and I'd probably
want to have changed the harness anyway if putting in a new computer.

Question. Any pointers that anyone can give me? I know that the
computer is behind the kick panel on the drivers side underneath
the glove box. How much of a job, and how tricky will it be
replacing the part of the harness just going to the right side of the 

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Scott Maus in Connecticut.