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Inside door handle removal

     Hello again everyone. Nice to be back. Of course, I come bearing a 
     Q: When does an Audi electric drivers window go down and not come back 
     A: At 0430 (thats AM) when it's 24 degrees F (-4 degrees C) and your 
     250 miles (400 km) from home - without tools or any idea how to get 
     that damn electric cluster door handle off. And no hat or gloves. And 
     in Philadelphia to boot, heading north.
     So after using my pocket knife to remove the two high screws and 
     popping all the perimeter rivets I was able to slide my arm in the 
     bottom enough to push the window up and grab it. It is completely 
     non-functional, which I can deal with, but I can't get the *^@?# door 
     handle off and didn't want to screw with it any more than I have 
     before consulting the WW sea of experts (notice the blatant 
     Partics: 90 100. Electric windows, seats, mirrors, locks. Holes in 
     underside of armrest that are apparently there for fun. How do I get 
     this damn thing off???
     Tom Higgins