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DRL's .... well....

Just had to stick my $0.01 in here.  For me, using my lights in the day 
is an elective choice based on need.  My daily driver, (the '88 80Q) is a 
sedate gray color which tends to get lost in our oft-times gray Seattle 
scenery.  Sometimes I use 'em, sometimes I don't!  However, my weekend 
car is a little itty bitty Alfa Spider ... *she* (her name is Olive Oil, 
for reasons which would be obvious to another Italian car owner) gets 
driven with the lights on ALWAYS.  It's a funny thing how other people's 
blind spots become as large as North Dakota when you're trying to pass 
them in a lil' sports car.

If EVERYONE drove with their lights on all the time, driving would become 
just like a surrealistic video game.  I'm exhausted after an evening 
commute, just from trying to stay alert with the dynamics of all the lights 
around me.  I find it very disorienting.

Ciao, er, I mean... Auf Wiedersehen, Q dudies -