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FS: 4kq parts...

Well we're now the proud owners of a '96 S6 wagon. After having
put 300 miles or so on it,we both agree it's one of the finest
vehicles that either of us have driven. My wife blames me and
said that if I hadn't introduced her to BMW motorcycles (she
rides an '88 R100S) she'd have been happy with a boring japanese

That leaves us needing to clean out the spare parts collection in
our garage. I still have:

4 snow tires - Pirelli 190 M&S (probably 10K left)  ---  $50
factory manual (beloved Bentley bible) ----------------  $60
lt. grey leather seat cover (bottom, 1/2" scratch)  ---  $100
original headlight assemblies (no dings or chips)  ----  $75

whole lot  --------------------------------------------  $250

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