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Re: Wimpy Heater/4000q

Glen sed:
> The lack of heat is not normal. The heater-core flow control valve is located 
> right in front of the firewall and in-line with one of the heater-core hoses 
> that go through the firewall. It's a little black box in-line with one of the 
> hoses and has a cable attached to a little black lever. Be sure the lever goes 
> all the way to each stop when the temp control is at max low/high. This little 
> valve can also cause poor AC performance if it is not totally closed  and 
> stopping the flow 100% when the temp control is on max low.

also check to see that your airbox isn't clogged with leaf debris, mouse
nests, rat crap, etc. My '85 used to collect it by the ton. I'd just wait
until it was full and turn on the fan. =8)

My '85 had the _best_ heater of any car I'd ever owned. I could drive around
the block and I would have heat. Now air conditioning is another story.

-steve powers

'96 S6 wagon (900 miles when I last got _my_ hands on it)