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Re: Cleaning up transmission case...

Jeffrey (AudiDudi) asks:

>The finish on the transmission case in my '85 4k EP car is dull and oxidized
and I'd like to clean and/or shine it up a bit.  I've tried several chemical
cleaners/degreasers but they didn't do anything ... I'm tempted to sandblast
it (after masking off the vent, etc.) but wonder if this is a good idea as I
don't want to disassemble/rebuild it at a later date.  Any suggestions?<

Have you tried "Aluminum Jelly" (cousin of "Navel Jelly")?  Aluminum
oxide needs to be chemically or mechanically removed as it is very
stable.  This is why aluminum is generally not painted, the oxide that
naturally forms is a good protective coating.  Any chemists out there
that have the answer?

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe