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Re: Cleaning up transmission case...


I just had reasonable success using Naval Jelly rust remover on an aluminum
part.  This is a thick liquid containing phosphoric acid.  I don't know how
comfortable I'd be using it on such an assembly, due to the risk of damage.
Its's think and doesn't run too much, but it is strong.  I got a small
spot on a finger and it burned it immediately.  Another possibility is an
aluminum cleaner such as Simichrome (sp?) and a stiff brush.

\>The finish on the transmission case in my '85 4k EP car is dull and oxidized
>and I'd like to clean and/or shine it up a bit.  I've tried several chemical
>cleaners/degreasers but they didn't do anything ... I'm tempted to sandblast
>it (after masking off the vent, etc.) but wonder if this is a good idea as I
>don't want to disassemble/rebuild it at a later date.  Any suggestions?
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