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After run sensor/Idle switch

1. The 369M thermoswitch I ordered had crossed over to a Bosch # that was
incorrect.  So until I can get to the dealer to look at the one he has, I
don't have my after run cooling (still).  

2.  The dealer and my local non dealer Audi suppliers are unable to find a
part # for my decel valve/fuel enrichment microswitch.  This switch, on the
87 5KCSTQ 5 speed is located on the throttle body shaft, controlling the
decel valve (for returning to idle) and full throttle fuel enrichment.  It is
black and fully enclosed (or was!), and contains 2 microswitches.  They are
unable to cross over the Bosch # stamped on it (uh, listing is for Porche 944
and 924...).  Anyone help?

Dave Head
87 5KCSTQ with seemingly every thermoswitch and sensor shot...